We’ve delivered to more schools and more pupils than you’ve had hot dinners! Well we presume so but having delivered workshops to over 400,000 pupils we think that’s a safe claim.


We are one of the few companies around that are able to provide a service which is truly bi-lingual across Wales. Unlike many service providers who simply provide an English Language service and then translate their product we provide our clients with two separate products which are both given equal importance. Ensuring that complete attention is given to the experience delivered and messages gained from any audience member or participant. On top of that we provide this service for the cost of a single product.


We are able to provide engaging solutions to your community engagement needs. Whether that’s full event production and management at a large scale event or on the street targeted engagement with the general public. We have the experience and ideas to reach the people you want and deliver your messages.


Our speciality is delivering school based experiences and workshops, particularly those which are curriculum linked and target the PSE/PSHE curriculum. We’ve literally been doing it for years. Tailoring to any budget we will create, produce, manage and deliver a product that will reach the students you wish to speak to and ensure that your message stands out and get retained.